End of the year year old end, the 15th ” originality in December ” opened whole town originality of fine time prelusive. On December 20, by Shenzhen city originality the organizing committee was sponsorred in December, government of people of collect lake division is supportive unit, first when newspaper of Hong Kong business undertakes ” Oriental China? Bead light brights ” the brigade of the culture that forum of height of originality of culture of vogue of gem of big bay area is about to open vogue of bright深圳外围联系微信 of area of big bay and style gem in Shenzhen gem museum. As ” originality in December ” one of priority discipline, this second forum activity aims to strengthen culture of gem of big bay area and linkage of course of study, gem of integrated bay area wisdom knowledge natural resources, endow with can originali深圳布吉休闲会所全套ty of brand of bay area gem and market operation actual strength. Meanwhile, forum also will be since shellfish of water of Luo Hu of group of core of brand of jewelry of fashion of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province and form of a Chinese character of brand of world fashion jewelry an encountering magpie bridge, discuss gem brand how to move toward world stage through big bay area deep, make gem fashionable cacique of industry big Ga, opinion, expert, scholar and citizen friends begin culture communication to interact together, admire the distinctive glamour of gem. (Yi Xiaojing of reporter of newspaper of Hong Kong business, Wang Xiaolei) will present gem new fashionable culture is gluttonous big eat is annual ” originality in December ” the innovation original place that is course of study of Shenzhen culture and creation hatch impl深圳按摩养生网雪姬ement, hold successfully first from 2005 up to now, its already became Shenzhen citizen to enjoy o深圳升逸水疗价格表riginality concept and the Cultural Festival that participate in originality design to celebrate. This year ” originality in December ” just meet People’s Republic of China establishs 70 weeks of time birth, Shenzhen to build city 40 years, in construction go ahead of the rest of Chinese characteristic socialism sets an example area of big bay of area and HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province ” double area ” below drive setting, citizen friends are enjoying Shenzhen young, move feeling the urban pulse that is full of spark when, engineer dominant by newspaper of Hong Kong business ” Oriental China? Bead light brights ” activity of forum of height of originality of culture of vogue of gem of big bay area, will open the brigade of the culture of vogue of bright of area of a big bay and style gem. Fashionable, be when with still the knot is fit. Alleged when, it is time, nowadays, be in namely a time paragraph inside; Still, have advocate, exalted, high grade, banner. Vogue is this times, it is to decorate not merely, however a kind of pursuit of energy and the true ideological. Gem, it is Guan Wushi still the aptest Yu Shi Zhi one. Bao place week knows, gem is to have the fashionable culture of high additional cost to taste, it conveyed originality design of the mankind, the Jun of essence of life of craft is outstanding, those who use the mankind is strange think of clever the ray that wanted to adorn gem, let ordinary stone have temperature and one’s style of work as well as one’s moral quality. The design big eat that this second forum will be the person that watch to present new style of gem of a bright not only, also will bring an all-around organic sumptuous dinner, the contemporary gem culture that developing a socialism with Chinese feature while, the gem originality impression of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of refresh another name for Guangdong Province. M深圳皇马假日桑拿微信eanwhile, discuss bay area gem to be in the cover new change of human angle and global eye shot, how fission gives boundless creativity, cheng Fang goes out more the glorious with dazzling bright. Big Ga feels pulse bay area gem to flare gem of international arena world takes a fancy to a country, chinese gem sees Shenzhen, shenzhen gem sees shellfish of collect lake water. Water shellfish gem alread深圳桑拿哪家比较安全又好y the gem share that seized 70 % above of countrywide, can saying in bound of gem of big bay area is ” dominate exclusively the world, only I alone honour ” . Stride to high end ceaselessly as catenary of course of study, shenzhen gem counterpoises to get promotion ceaselessly in the consequence of home, international and speech. In go ah深圳环保按摩ead of深圳皇室国际会所可以搞吗 the rest of深圳爵士js水会有红牌 socialism of characteristic of Shenzhen construction China demonstrative area reachs the setting that builds division of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province in all to罗湖海豚湾32技师照片 fall, course of study will greet Shenzhen gem to span the development of style high quality, the promotion that is catenary of originality course of study and optimize make more contribution. Be in current on forum of height of originality of culture of vogue of gem of big bay area, museum of gem of group of gem of travel of gem of total chamber of commerce of group of development of prosperous of Hong Kong blessing, Hong Kong gem, 6 Xuan , civilian abundant, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Saifeierzhu association of stylist of jewelry of town of federation of authority of of knowledge of city of treasure, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, feel pulse by the sword. It is reported, share honored guest general around ” how does gem of big bay area move toward international arena ” theme, make from Ip of mode of operation of gem brand culture, market, brand, the respect such as artistic design undertakes sharing communication and brains storm, the industry of of originality of bay area gem that helps force Shenzhen development have international competition ability, deepen collaboration of course of study of of bay area gem continuously, release adequately ” double area drive ” effect, the high quality of course of study of of gem of the area that it is a bay develops the new kinetic energy with infuse const深圳哪里有不正规沐足ant in a steady stream. Design of style of gem of big bay area exhibits the new era that the right season or time is developing at full speed, forum + extends the trend that the form of the meeting will be prospective big activity. Recently, fashionable design exhibits gem of big bay area to also be held as scheduled in Shenzhen gem museum, 130 when come from 44 enterprises 187 item on display, and come from big bay area the gem of each areas comes on stage in succession. It is reported, exhibition cent is ” whole world of core engine bright ” , ” times bead light ingenuities China colour ” , ” future of demiurgic originality dialog ” 3 big unit, told about advantage of predestined relationship is in the ground and times ode to be 深圳罗湖环保场哪个好able to fall, it is dominant with Hong Kong, Macao, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the story of bay area gem that has collaboration, open, capacious, free marine nature. The design is exhibited will exhibit to on December 31. Among them, ” whole world of 深圳宝安水疗哪里好玩深圳 水会是什么意思core engine bright ” unit will be shown in小姐500全套指的是什么服务 quantity, craft and originality respect Dou Yao Yao precedes course of study of of gem of big bay area is in HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province close together union, each other cooperation, each other is complement in, the cohesive affinity of bright whole world is measured; ” times bead light ingenuities China colour ” unit concentration reveals agglomeration time marrow, plain the design thing that the heart reachs sturdy craftsmanship first, the particular artistic life that these work coruscate give focusing; ” future of demiurgic originality dialog ” experience the new form that unit emerges confluence of the collision crossing a boundary such as gem and game, IP, artistic device, innovation, newly and play a way newly, those who show bay area jewelry is multivariate development and originality design new job form. In this second height forum, still provide assemble the brand of originality innovation force and stylist most, with centering the form that show, hong Kong, Macao, Guangzhou and Shenzhen 4 ground are in 2019 year high-quality goods, gem of work of the bear the palm in designing a contest domestic and internationally and innovation, originality is tasted newly present gem lover and broad citizen.

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